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Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation

Professional Meeting Facilitation involves a professional facilitator who is skilled at leading a team, group or organization in developing positive outcomes from a specific set of goals and objectives. Opportunities include a wide range such as creating Strategic Plans, Organizational Change Objectives, Marketing and Sales Strategies, Conflict Resolution Strategies and many other team and organizational objectives that require development by a team of individuals.

The 'Meeting Facilitator' will help the group determine exactly what they want the outcomes of their process interaction to be, and then develop a plan for how to attack the subject in an efficient manner. They will then work directly with the group as they work through their objectives, acting as a guide, keeping the group focused on the outcome and engaging in the most appropriate interactions and processes to accomplish those objectives. The facilitator can provide direction, unique activities, processes, tools and management that will allow the group to focus on achieving their outcomes as opposed to managing themselves and their process.