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The Delta Story

The Delta Story

Gain insight into the origins of the Delta Synergy Group and the values that continue to drive us forward.



The Delta Synergy Group was founded in 1994 by Gary Gradley, William Nutter and Bruce Garand in direct response to an identified need for more effective, "people oriented" training and development in organizations undergoing or requiring dynamic organizational change and renewal in the modern business environment. In the beginning, Bruce Garand (previously) used to remark that he "would never make people in his company do this type of training!" If people came around trying to sell it to him, he would (and this is a direct quote) "Throw the bastards out of his office!" When he met Gary and Bill and learned about the true value of the process, he was so impressed he literally 'bought the company'!

Since that time, Delta has grown exponentially and gathered a group of over fifteen consultants and trainers, emerging as an effective team to deliver services to each of Delta's clients. The Delta Synergy Group has established Client Partnerships with over 300 medium to large corporations and organizations across Canada and the United States. Delta also maintains working relationships with many outside consulting and service organizations who bring various skills and processes to the service Delta offers its client. Delta maintains its 'home office' in Burlington, ON, and opened an office in Calgary, Alberta in January 1997, and an office in Vancouver, BC in the spring of 1998.