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Measuring ROI Beyond Level Two

Measuring ROI Beyond Level Two

Delta Synergy is committed to not only providing premium training and development solutions, but also helping our client partners to ensure that the outcomes of those solutions and the resulting performance are sustainable and measurable. For that reason, we always provide follow-up services and some level of ROI Measurement with every Training solution we deliver.

Measuring ROI up to Level Two is relatively quire easy and provides valuable information on satisfaction and skill development. As ROI measurement goes beyond Level Two, there is increasing effort and sometimes cost involved in measuring application, impact, actual ROI and intangible measures. The increased time, effort and sometimes cost involves not only Delta but also the participants, leaders and even other departments and personnel within the organization.

Delta's experience in measurement beyond level two has shown us that it takes strong partnership with our clients as well as increased effort. One of the first steps in moving towards higher levels of measurement is to ask our client to consider some key questions about their measurement objectives and expectations. From there we can work in partnership to develop and implement an ROI Value Measurement Process that best serves the client, their organization and their human capital.

What are the key metrics you with wish to measure?

What will you do with the measurement information?

How much effort are you willing to contribute to the process?

How willing will the participants and their leaders be to contributing?

What is your timeline for outcomes on measurement initiatives?

If required, how willing and available would other departments in the organization be?

Can you invest additional funds into the measurement process?