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Post Program Publication and History

Post Program Publication and History

Delta Synergy Training and Development Programs are designed to involve the active participation of the participants in learning, sharing and seeking positive changes in workplace performance. Even in some Delta programs where handouts or 'workshop manuals' are distributed, the TRUE learning outcomes of any session can only be published after the session has concluded.

Delta Synergy facilitators use effective 'flip-charting' to literally record all of the insights, ideas, action plans and commitments created by the program participants throughout a program. WE take the notes for you, in an organized format. At the conclusion of the program, these flip-chart notes along with any other key data used or gathered throughout the program, are compiled by our administrative staff into a comprehensive and useful document we call "The Program Publication".

This document is returned to the program participants within 10 days of the program conclusion, and is the first step in our follow-up and reporting process. The Publication also includes a 'Photographic History' of the program as recorded by our staff by digital camera, and is returned to our clients in both hard copy and on CD ROM.