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Advanced Team Performance Development



The client, and 8-person Senior Leadership Team of a Provincial Sales Division of a major telecommunications company, had been a long-time client of Delta. Over several years, Delta had worked with this Leadership Team as they formed and grew their division. Over the course of many programs we had helped the team develop teamwork skills, relationships, strategic plans, leadership skills and many aspects of the radical changes their division was going through constantly. When the division was running smoothly and producing the highest numbers in the company with the highest level of customer satisfaction, the  team's Executive Leader came to Delta with a question: "Where do we go from here? How do we take our Leadership Team to the next level?". These questions really intrigued us and got us excited about exploring the possibilities.


The Needs Assessment

Our Needs Assessment for this solution strategy was simple and easy. We already had a strong working relationship and professional bond with the members of this team, so we were able to sit down with them and openly discuss all the issues and ideas they had. As a group and as individuals, they clearly communicated their needs and insights relevant to the questions at hand:

  • The Executive Leader wanted his Leaders to begin focusing on their next steps in their careers. How could they take the skill and expertise they had developed in building this division and turn them into the 'Next Steps' for the entire organization?
  • the Leaders felt that they had "grown apart" as supportive professionals recently due to the hectic nature of their workplace interactions. They wanted to spend some time connecting with each other and regaining their sense of camaraderie.
  • The entire group recognized that in order to take themselves, their division and their organization to 'the next level', everyone would be required to be willing to take some innovative business risks. How could they 'stretch the envelope of possibilities' with their product, their people and their clients?


Designing The Solution

Once the assessment process was complete, the Delta Design Team got to work and organized the outcomes from the assessment into a solution strategy that would make a clear and definite impact on the objectives the group had outlined. We further assessed the group's willingness to participate in a variety of learning environments and activity possibilities and sought to fully understand what they did not know or have in their acumen so we could provide a totally unique learning experience. We designed a solution around a short series of clear objectives:

  • To provide the members of this leadership team with a common powerful experience designed to explore individual ability to 'shift beliefs' and seek new and dynamic levels of competency and ability as leaders.
  • To connect this experience directly to the career development plans of each leader and the values and principles of leadership expected by the organization.
  • To allow the leaders to better understand where they derive their confidence from, and connect their emotional and physiological confidence behaviours to the areas of career development they seek.
  • To provide the leaders with specific models and tools, established and customized, that they can use on a daily basis to increase their confidence and effectiveness in the areas of:

Effective Risk Taking in Business

Managing Personal Comfort Zones and trying new 'things'

Critical Decision Making in high risk situations

  • To 'rally' the leadership team around behaviours and attitudes that allows us to challenge the lateral thinking paradigm and effectively view our workplace situation from new and exciting perspectives.
  • To allow the leaders to share in a common experience that supports teamwork, trust and support of contemporaries in the accomplishment of personal and team success.


The Solution

Delta developed and delivered a Three-Day off site training session with the group that was held at a remote resort in Northern Ontario. With no cellular coverage available, the group was truly away for the weekend with just themselves. The program and process the group experienced was an effective mix of Presentation and Discussion combined with team and individual challenges. Every step along the way, the group excelled at embracing new concepts and applying those concepts as a team while they endeavoured to overcome the obstacles and challenges Delta placed in front of them in the form of an activity sequence:

  • The team participated in a series of lecturettes, model presentation and debriefing discussion to explore the Key Training Anchors involved in this program. These included 2 new and dynamic models created for the group around Risk Taking in Business and Managing Personal Comfort and Growth Zones.
  • The team was placed on a 2-day Journey or 'Quest' into the back country of Ontario. They had to demonstrate highly-effective team behaviour and support as they navigated through the points of their challenge and the adventure oriented activities it presented.
  • On their quest, the group had to follow a series of clues and directions to get from point to point as they made their way to the conclusion of the journey. On a quest for 'treasure', the group could afford no mistakes as time was running out on them and daylight was fading fast.
  • Just some of the challenges they faced along the way included:

Canoeing and navigation across water.

Hiking and navigation across land.

Rock Climbing and Cliff Rappelling.

Building a Bridge in order to cross a raging river.

Riding a Tyrolean Zip Line from the top of a 100 foot cliff, across the river.


The Outcomes

At the conclusion of the program and the activity sequence, Delta and the leaders sat down to review their experience, their growth and their new insights. In a detailed debrief and Application Planning Process, the leaders explored the value of their relationships and how their combined teamwork and leadership skills provided them with great success in overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

  • The team as whole drafted a new Team Code of Conduct that reflected their commitment to working more closely together in seeking new business challenges and opportunities with a willing sense of effective Risk Taking.
  • Each individual created a Personalized Self Directed Growth Plan for the future of their careers, considering new possibilities they had not previously thought possible.
  • The team's Executive Leader 'passed on' a series of 'torches' to the leaders in the form of new and heightened empowerment to lead their division to new levels of excellence with full support and mutual accountability.


The Follow-Up Process

As was indicated in the original design, Delta's follow-up process for this experience was simple and straightforward. We conducted a post-program evaluation with the group, published the Program Publication with Photo History for the experience, and re-distributed Personal Growth Plan follow-ups to help support the individuals implementation of their goals and action plans. We conducted a series of discussions and interviews with the group members over a several month period following the experience to re-enforce our support and coach them for any changes or additions to their action plans.


The Result

Within a year after the program, the Executive Leader of the team moved up into a position of greater responsibility within the organization. Other leaders from the group moved up into the Executive Leadership position and several of the other leaders as well have moved into new career paths with greater responsibility inside the organization. Delta continues to work with the new leaders and their teams to help support what has been consistent years of this division producing the highest revenue and greatest level of customer service within the organization.