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Strategic Planning and Decision Support Technology



The client, a Project Division of a major Communication Technology Organization approached Delta to work with a new Project Team and their leaders in the development of a Strategic Plan to support their business plan for the year. Delta had previously worked with several groups from this organization in the development of several strategic plans, and this time the client had limited time to pull their plan together. We recommended and they agreed to utilize DECISON SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY in order to streamline the process. Decision Support Technology is a software-based process where the participants utilize a dedicated computer network managed by the facilitator in order to rapidly and effectively process through the steps of idea and information sharing as well as problem solving and decision making to get to the desired end result.


The Needs Assessment

The Delta Needs Assessment Process for this solution was simple and effective.

  • We received the group's business plan, and assessed the steps required to create a strategic plan with the team leaders.
  • We 'Pre-Assessed' all of the team members involved in the strategic planning to prompt them to begin organizing their needs and ideas.
  • We began to design the process of accomplishing the objectives using the available solution technology.


Designing The Solution

Once the assessment process was complete, the Delta Design Team got to work and organized the outcomes from the assessment into a solution strategy using the available solution technology. In cooperation with the client, Delta created a two-day program and process that effectively mixed:

  • The use of Decision Support Technology to gather ideas, information and organize key decisions and strategies.
  • The effective Integration of Experiential Activities throughout the process to energize the participants and rally them around common principles of cooperation and teamwork.
  • Not all of the discussion and discovery processes involved the use of technology. Throughout the process, where applicable, Delta facilitators used good old-fashioned Process Facilitation and contemporary documenting to get at key issues.
  • Delta specifically chose to engage a team of 2 Senior Facilitators to manage the process, allowing one to focus on the group and the process while the other focused on managing the technology and the organization of outcomes.


The Solution

The program was an outstanding success. The team had been properly assessed and each member was excited and engaged by the use of a software based process to accomplish the development of their strategy. During the program Delta integrated a series of Experiential Challenges and Activities to which the entire team participated with energy and excitement. With the software-based processes being the main component of the process, the team was highly engaged to participate in the series of activities that the software allowed, including:

- Anonymous Brainstorming -

- Idea Categorization -

- Goal and Strategy Prioritization -

- Multi-Voting on several levels to achieve final decisions and plans -

- Giving and Receiving Feedback between the participants
to support the implementation of the Strategy -


The Outcomes

The outcomes from this program were very straightforward and in-line with the indicated desired outcomes from the client:

  • The team created a solid Strategic Plan that fully supported their Business Plan.
  • The team created clearer goals, both team and personal, that were in line with their Business Plan and the organization's Balanced Scorecard.
  • Individual strategies and partnership support systems were created to support the team members implementation of their goals.
  • The team as a whole experienced a process that enhanced their team identity and ability to work together cooperatively in the accomplishment of their objectives.


The Follow-Up Process

Delta provided the client with a series of application outcomes from the session with clear expectations for individual and team follow-up:

  • A published and printed Strategic Plan (produced through the software system).
  • A Post-Program Publication that outlined the insights and commitments from the team and individuals and included a series of photographs taken during their participation in the Experiential Activities.
  • A Post-Program Evaluation Summary from the participants.
  • Delta met with the Senior Leadership from the group after the program to debrief the outcomes and plan for measurement of the value from implementing the plan. This actually resulted in Delta being contracted to repeat the process some weeks later with another team within the organization who had similar objectives.


The Result

The result was a solid Strategic Plan that was accomplished in a short period of time with great efficiency. The program also created a stronger TEAM as a result of the interactions and cooperation demonstrated throughout the program. At the present, the team is implementing their plan and all indications from the client are that the plan is working effectively and most notable is that the client observes the group using various processes and skills they developed during the program to work through their day to day challenges in specific tactical areas relevant to the plan.