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Executive Preview Sessions

These sessions are designed to showcase Delta's professionalism and introduce our powerful process of learning through experience. Previews are held at a variety of training and conference venues around Canada.

  • Finding out how you can achieve your training goals using Delta synergy Group's custom-designed, interactive learning programs.
  • Take part in a dynamic introductory program that will clearly demonstrate the power and impact of Experiential Training and Development.
  • Meet our senior facilitators and benefit from their extensive business, adult education and training knowledge.
  • Discover strategic training solutions that respond to your company's specific culture, business and market realities.
  • Learn how Experiential Training can simulate real workplace challenges and develop tangible skills that can be operationalized into positive changes.


Our two types of Previews, either four-hour or full day with overnight session will combine presentation with your direct participation in a number of activities and processes that Delta utilizes to assist our client partners in achieving their training and development objectives. You will learn about Delta Synergy while discovering new performance enhancement philosophies and we guarantee you will have FUN in the process! Contact Delta Synergy to find out the date and location of our next Executive Preview Session.