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BBM Canada/ComQUEST Research, Inc.

It has been absolutely wonderful working with you over the past year and I wanted to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you, Don Wolter, Jason Smyth and the rest of the Delta team for a job well done!

The "Delta Experience" has been incredible. What has set this apart for me, having worked with other Consultants and Training "gurus" in the past, is the tailored and flexible approach that was applied in designing, and redesigning the program.

I believe that pacing the modules over a period of time from January to May was a great idea. It gave way to reflection and the real test - application in the workplace. More importantly, it gave us an opportunity to make changes to the program & to tailor the sessions to address the needs that required immediate attention.

What began as an HR project for 30 Managers on Performance Management skills about a year ago transformed itself into a BBM/ComQUEST cultural makeover for 30 members of the Leadership team and 10 Sr. Executives. Feedback from the participants has been overwhelming. We are still reaping the rewards with monthly "Leadership Team" meetings to stay connected and to keep the lines of communication open. The Leadership projects and small work teams are progressing and some of the projects which started in the sessions have made it to BBM's top corporate objectives.

For me personally, the learning Experience was phenomenal. In all the fun and games, a lot has to be said about who we are and how we interact with others in the workplace. As I speak to my colleagues, they too were taken back by the progressive training experience. (It was great to put away the classroom lectures and "hot to" books from conventional training sessions). The most rewarding, however, was the 7th session and final day with the Sr. Executive team. After five months of working together as a true team and learning about ourselves and others, the converging of the two groups reached its ultimate climax. It was this final session that solidified what we had learned, as the group dynamics and problem solving skills had reached and ultimate high. We now use the exercises that we worked on together as a group as the model for developing all project management goals at BBM.

A lot of this could not have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of Don and Jason. Their passion for the team and ongoing commitment to the group definitely made the training success.

I would really appreciate it if you could pass my congratulations and thanks for a job well done to Don, Jason, and the entire Delta Synergy team who made our experience such a success!


Best Regards,

Dorena Noce

Director, Human Resources