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Bombardier Capital, Inc.

While I do offer my apologies for the inordinate delay in getting you feedback on the Team Building Workshop your staff facilitated for us on July 25th, that same delay has given us a chance to truly evaluate the results - - - and they are OUSTANDING!!

Prior to the workshop, there were a number of naysayers, including some who had participated in "those ridiculous physical activities and games". Trusting the reputation of DELTA Synergy, we forged on with our plans. The level of participation throughout the activities and debriefings spoke clearly to the positive immediate impact the program developed, and the dynamic skills you and Kevin masterfully exhibited. To a person, the early doubters professed their satisfaction - and even enjoyment - with the day's activities.

However, the effects after the workshop have truly been your evaluation. The "barbs" thrown in weekly Staff Meetings have given way to obvious playful jabs, usually accompanied with some reference to "Boy, that workshop sure did you a lot of good". Directors are offering their services to their associates to resolve operational issues that, just 4 months ago, "...weren't my problem". The major reorganization and re-focus in our critical Collections area, that was approaching launch date at the time of the workshop, was finished with a speed and efficiency that belied its acrimonious start. The results, bolstered by continued cooperation between departments, have reversed years of historically poor months of Aug, Sep, and Oct.

Is life perfect? Certainly not, but the progress is clearly attributable to excellent Senior Management commitment, bolstered by the "jump-start" you professional staff administered. I would recommend your programs and, particularly, your staff, to any organization seeking improvement, regardless of their current success.



Chuck Petruska

SPHR, Human Resource Manager