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Build Extraordinary Customer Relations

By Cheryl Andrew & Mary Brady of Syndectics


Everyone in an organization has a customer, whether internal or external. What you say and do with each and every customer impacts on the continued success of your business. Using every opportunity to build extraordinary customer relations can generate loyal customers that will do business with you for years to come. Every employee needs to be empowered to make customer engagements a positive experience. This program will enable you to Build Extraordinary Customer Relations, so you are empowered to ensure that each and every customer interaction is special and that your customers will be loyal to your organization.


1 Day


Combination of lecturette, interactive discussion, reflection and planning, assessment, key learning presentations and experiential activities.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand how to build and perpetuate extraordinary customer relations for your organization
  • Understand your customer service potential through self awareness
  • Know the steps to building extraordinary customer relations
  • Identify when a customer is upset and how to handle it
  • Know how to resolve conflict using a collaborative style
  • Understand how to build loyalty by perceiving complaints as opportunities


Customizable Points:

- Employee Profiling -

Distorted self-perception? When it comes to skill development that sticks, what you don't know definitely can hurt you! Employee Profiling© fills the feedback void that exists when you examine your behaviour in the light of only one source ... you!

  • Analyse current levels of expertise
  • Indicates skill areas to change or improve
  • Enhances ability to cope with pressure and change

Offered under exclusive license from Syndetics, this program emphasizes self awareness and activity-based learning that enables ready transfer of new skills and knowledge to the realities of your workplace.

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Build long-term, loyal relationships with your customers by perfecting extraordinary service skills.
  • Be empowered to deliver extraordinary customer service with every customer interaction.
  • Make customer engagements fun and interesting instead of boring and routine, by understanding how you and your customers tick.
  • Deal quickly, smoothly, consistently with customer problems.


Additional Information

- One-Day Program Outline -

  • Setting the Stage - Discuss the challenges and benefits of building extraordinary customer relations through service excellence. Determine the characteristics of a winning, customer service focused employee.
  • Practical Guidance and Essential Ideas - Know how to handle difficult situations, resolve conflict. Understand the links in the customer service chain and how to transfer your new skills and knowledge into real life applications.
  • Tips, Tricks and Techniques - Develop winning customer service skills bu understanding the steps to building extraordinary customer relations ... focus on your customer service potential ... identify language that helps or hinders winning communications with the customer.
  • Experiential Activity - An examination of the challenges, skills and competencies needed to build extraordinary customer relations.
  • Know Thyself - Assess your own preferred customer service style and its impact on winning. Understanding how to Synchronize¬© your style with the customer's style so they feel more comfortable dealing with you ... as opposed to your competition.
  • Customer Types - Learn to recognize and deal effectively with the five customer types.
  • Skills Practise - Role-play on dealing with complaints and problems. Understand the implications of Howell's Model of Competence.
  • Action Planning - Program synthesis and preparing for workplace implementation at the individual level.