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Consulting Skills

by Belinda Clemmensen, B.Sc., M.Ed of Clemmensen Consulting


This Consulting Skills course uses the work of Peter Block (Flawless Consulting) as a theoretical basis from which to develop competency in consultation. We'll explore the phases of consulting, and the key skills necessary to maximize effectiveness. We'll also surface and discuss some of the values, controversies and practical challenges associated with being a consultant.


1 to 1.5 Days


  • Information sharing
  • Lecturettes
  • Case work
  • Role plays
  • Skills practice activities
  • Simulations
  • Handouts
  • Individual work
  • small group discussion
  • Action planning


Key Learning Points:

  • The group will have a specific working definition of consulting in order to define and communicate their roles to themselves and others.
  • The group will understand a basic model for consulting that creates an underpinning for all consulting activities.
  • The group will have practiced and developed consulting skills - both interpersonal and technical.
  • The group will be aware of and understand the phases of consulting and the key activities associated with each.
  • The group will begin to develop proficiency in these activities.


Customizable Points:

  • Consultation with the client is a necessary and integral part of the final design process, all components of the program are adaptable to meet individual needs.
  • Group discussions, case studies and experiential activities can all be customized to address specific concerns and objectives for specific clients.


Additional Information:

This program is not a band-aid solution, it will require participants to reflect on their own behaviours and attitudes as well as understanding that as people, we all need to keep developing from whatever starting point we find ourselves at.

This is a learning and skills development program.

I recommend delivering this program over a day and a half. One day to deliver the program, and assign on going "homework". And then a follow-up half day in a couple of months to reinforce the learning and trouble-shoot based on application of the concepts.