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'Making It Happen' Sales Skills

By David Boyce of Active Performance Solutions


Plain and simple, business is continually changing. Advancing our capability and contributions in the areas of selling effectiveness, business results and profitability are paramount to success.

The 'Make It Happen' Sales Skills program is designed to measure effectiveness and advance capability within 6 key Sales competencies and their associated actions;

  1. Make It Happen Selling Process
  2. Collaborative Sales Communication
  3. Relationship Building
  4. Strategic sales Planning
  5. Networking & Promotion
  6. Territory & Activity Management

The program will equip participants with knowledge, skills, strategies and tools that will provide the foundation to continually make great sales contributions. 'Make It Happen' Sales Skill Program is designed in a customizable modular format, with each competency module supporting and advancing the leaning of other modules. This provides a unique opportunity to receive great value from the program in its entirety or from combining those modules that are most required at this time.

Additionally, programs can be integrated with a client's internal training initiative to enhance the learning and impact. Outcomes from programs can be linked to your performance review process.



3 Days over a three-week period



All Programs are customizable to be completely relevant to each client's specific needs and the positive outcomes they desire. Our highly interactive approach engages each participant in a process that integrates theory, practice and reflection, ensuring the immediate transfer or learning to their workplace and unique sales situations.


Key Learning Points:

- Program Objectives By Module -

Make It Happen Selling Process - can include:

  • Goal-directed thinking
  • Analyze suspects - identify prospects
  • Objective-based sales calls
  • Presenting solutions/options
  • Using company sales tools
  • Closing = referrals
  • Follow up the sale = other business
  • Collaborative Sales Communication - can include
  • Communicate according to customer type
  • Active listening
  • Effective questioning strategies & techniques
  • Deliver sales presentations
  • Negotiate for agreement
  • Overcome resistance/objections
  • Relationship Building - can include
  • Creating a customer care/contact process
  • Collaborate to create expectations and measurement
  • Develop an internal customer network
  • How to be an information resource
  • Supporting customer initiatives

Strategic Sales Planning - can include:

  • Analyze your market
  • Develop competitive SWOT
  • Understanding customer Value
  • Analyze individual existing customer performance
  • Create your strategies & objectives for success
  • Networking & Promotion - can include
  • Creating a networking plan
  • Conduct informal market research
  • Conduct special promotion/events


Territory & Activity Management - can include:

  • Create a territory analysis
  • Creating the right organizational system
  • Prioritizing your sales activities for results
  • Meeting effectiveness
  • Manage your energy expenditure and recovery


Customizable Points:

- Deliverables -

  • Client consultation and assessment of needs
  • Pre-program assessment of Sales personnel
  • Pre-program assessment of readiness for change (Optional)
  • Customized Program kit of all models, worksheets and practice forms
  • Customized participant Workplace Application Plans
  • Program publication and photographs
  • Post-program satisfaction and impact assessment


Additional Information:

- Typical Agenda -

  • All program agendas and materials would be finalized as customer needs dictate. The program is designed in a modular format to be delivered over a 3-day period over three weeks.
  • Opening and Motivational Wake-up, inclusive of 'Goal-Directed' Thinking model.
  • Main focus of the Agenda would be dependant on client's needs and selection of Key Competency actions.
  • Close the program with Team/Personal sharing of learning and with each participant completing a Personal workplace application plan that clearly outlines their plan of action and valid measurement criteria.


- Outcomes -

  1. Participants will be fully introduced to the process of 'Goal-Directed' Thinking as a key process for sales success.
  2. Irrespective of the specific focus of the Key Competencies, Sale people will understand their responsibility and possess new confidence from development of new behaviours, skills and plans that will provide enhanced sales contributions.
  3. Team and Personal commitments to a Personal workplace application plan that clearly outlines their plan of action and valid measurement criteria.