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The Challenges Of Management

"Managers are Measured by Results - Results That Come From their People's Performance."


 By Dale Beeston of BizNez


"If You Only Have One Way Of Managing. You Only Have One Way To Succeed."

Managers all face the same essential challenge. They are responsible for getting results, and they are held responsible for their team or department's results, but they cannot control those results. It isn't the manager who produces the units, makes the sales, or deals with the customers - but it's typically the manager who has to see that it is done. The role of manager is becoming more difficult given the diversity in the workplace and how people relate to and communicate with each other. As organizations move toward streamlined structures and processes, managers must be adept at managing performance, fostering accountability and affecting the components of performance.



1 Day



My programs have been designed for the adult learner. Sessions are interactive and encourage group and individual participation. Presentation style and tools are designed to reach the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner. The sequence of relational learning is practice in understanding, hearing, seeing and doing. All sessions are completed with handout/workbook material and a personalized follow up email.


Key Learning Points:

Participants Will:

  • Have Managers better understand and handle their role as trainer, coach, consultant and facilitator in the development of self-managing representatives and employees - thereby eliminating the need to rely of power, control and authority.
  • Train managers in the techniques that shape and support the behaviours they require from their people, in other words, getting people to do the things they are paid to do.
  • Get representatives and employees to accept responsibility and accountability for their own self-management. Taking control of their work habit and being accountable for growing business.
  • Increase sales activity, work effort and results.


Customizable Points:

My philosophy and approach to any training and or coaching is as follows:

  • Meet the customer to ensure you understand their challenges and need
  • Clarify your understanding of the ask/deliverable
  • Know about the company's business prior to standing in the front of their employees
  • Know what type of training/coaching they've had in the past. This is important for linking past learning
  • Offer client future follow up services (i.e.) telecoaching, targeted coaching, email reminders to sustain momentum.
  • Work with the client on putting learning into practice