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True Delegation

By Cheryl Andrew & Mary Brady of Syndetics


Delegation is a crucial tool for achieving results, a goal-oriented technique that ties directly into your success in management. This session focuses on J.J. Herman's belief that true delegation (never to be confused with more popular forms of benevolent dictatorship or dumping!) is part art and part science. True delegation enhances performance, builds relationships and bolsters extraordinary performance in direct reports. It promotes unbeatable communications in assigning duties, granting authority (the science) and generating the commitment necessary to achieve desired results (the art).



1 Day



Combination of lecturette, interactive discussion, reflection and planning, key learning presentations and experiential activities.


Key Learning Points:

Upon completion of this program not only will you be able to delegate even more effectively than you do now, but will also know:

  • What to delegate ... and the exceptions
  • Why you should delegate more
  • Why staff don't get the job done
  • what makes Managers hesitate to delegate
  • How to overcoming obstacles and resistance
  • Three types of controls
  • The Delegation Continuum©
  • Warning signs of ineffective delegation
  • Your personal style and preferences as plotted on The Communication Matrix©


Customizable Points:

- Management Profiling © -

  • Distorted self-perception? When it comes to skill development that sticks, what you don't know definitely can and will hurt you! Management Profiling© fills the feedback void that exists when you examine your behaviour in the light of only one source ... you!


    - Management Profiling © -

    • Analyzes current levels of specific leadership expertise
    • Indicates skill areas to change or improve
  • Enhances leader ability to cope with pressure and change

Offered under exclusive license from Syndetics, this program emphasizes self-awareness and activity-based learning that enables ready transfer of new skills and knowledge to the realities of your workplace.


Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Make time for planning, directing and organizing
  • Accomplish organizational goals through others
  • Challenge leaders susceptible to the 'boredom curve'
  • Spread the workload without burdening anyone
  • Shift decision making to the appropriate level
  • Improve evaluation of staff potential
  • Enhance your personal and professional growth through self-directed development
  • Enhance leadership skills by diagnose key strengths and challenges
  • Improve your own productivity and satisfaction by achieving greater balance in work and life


Additional Information:

- One-Day Program Outline -


Setting the Stage

Discuss how results-oriented true delegation works and what it will do for your work situation, the organization, and direct reports. Talk about the art and science of delegation.



  • Explore your organization's current delegation culture. Examine the value of more effective delegation for you and the organization.
  • Experiential Activity - An examination of the challenges, skills and competencies needed for effective delegation. And what about those delegation traps?


Know Thyself

Find out why you avoid delegating. Diagnose and interpret the impact of different communication styles ... discover your own!


Tips and Techniques

Learn how to flex your style ... not break it. The Delegation Continuum© and The Communication Matrix are introduced and personalized for each participant. These are not only useful for effective delegation and opening up new channels of communication, but are the very underpinnings of the success of this program and our approach to the true delegation.


Some Of The Tools

  • A planning tool for organizing delegation assignments.
  • A matrix for charting communication preferences for each employee or direct report.


Clinic Time

Employing real time case studies, participants work through challenging delegation situations waiting back at the workplace.


Action Planning

Program synthesis and preparing for implementation at the individual level.