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Examples Of Delta's Integrated Solutions

"We would like to personally thank you for playing an integral role in the launch of our New Manager Transition Program this year. We consider your session to have been a big success based on the post-program evaluations. Eighty seven percent of evaluations received, rated the program overall at 4 or higher out of 5. One notable participant comment was "It was an excellent way to demonstrate different leadership styles and it was also interesting and challenging, yet fun".

Heather Burns - Learning Consultant

Ernst & Young LLP

Some notable examples of training solutions that Delta has created that integrated other processes with Delta's Experiential Training and Development philosophies and methodologies:

  • Enhancing the delivery of a 'Manager One' training program for a large financial consulting organization, by integrating Experiential Trust and Challenge Ropes activities to support the Hersey Situational Leadership Model. Delta has participated in the delivery of this annual program for the last 9 years with amazing results.
  • The integration of a sequence of Experiential Activities and Facilitation Processes to re-enforce a complex series of plenary sessions during a conference for one of the largest financial institutions on Canada. The conference was convened to support the implementation of sweeping changes in the organization. Delta not only participated in the overall design of the conference, but also effectively worked with training professionals inside the organization to seamlessly integrate Delta activities and processes with the conference sessions that were required by the organization. the conference was a resounding success, and the integration of Delta processes increased participation and supported retention of the expected learning and development.
  • Providing consultation and development expertise to another large training and development agency in Canada. This training organization had created a highly complex training curriculum for Leadership Development, and they came to Delta to assist them in giving the program some 'hands on learning' aspects. Delta created a series of NEW experiential activities to work seamlessly within  and support the 8 cohorts of the training curriculum. Delta worked in partnership with training design professionals inside the agency to effectively integrate our philosophies and styles with theirs to create a program that was more attractive and effective than it's original design.
  • The complete development of an annual Customer Service training program for a large telecommunications company in Canada. Delta worked with the organization's internal training design team to create a three-day program retreat that was delivered to every customer service staff across the organization. Delta also prepared and delivered a specific component of the program to be delivered to the Customer Service Management Team, and a 'Train the Trainer' program for the internal training staff who ultimately delivered the program. The program was complete with highly comprehensive Participant Manual, Trainers Manual and Multimedia Presentation.