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A City Search

Your team must follow the clues as they navigate their way around searching for information and historic artifacts that will complete the mysterious puzzle holding the secrets for eternal success. Small teams work independently, but all the teams must bring their success together in the end or the puzzle will be incomplete, it's secrets buried forever!


Teams Will:

  • Each be provided with a 'resource kit' containing their instructions, map and compass, clue decoders and various equipment they may need along the way.
  • Each team will follow an individual set of 'clues' that will direct them all around the property looking for answers to questions about local historical information and unique environment aspects of the area. Travel will be by foot, shuttle and even bike!
  • Each Team will have an instant camera with which they will have to take a series of team photos along the way to demonstrate creativity and accomplishment of their navigation objectives.
  • All teams will collect a prescribed series of 'local artifacts' along the way, and bring them all together at the end to complete the large team puzzle.