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DSG Acvtivity Circuit

The Activity Circuit is a highly versatile sequence of activities ranging from simple fun to complex problem solving for teams. Delta will work with you to choose from our enormous activity inventory a sequence of brief challenges that will energize your teams. Presented either as a friendly competition or a pure team experience, teams will move from one activity station to the next and each time be presented with a different type of challenge to overcome. The activity circuit can be built around any theme, and can include points of information gathering as part of the format.


Teams Will:

  • Sequence through a series of increasingly challenging activities in the pursuit of success and perhaps points.
  • Be immediately faced with the challenges of teamwork, communication, leadership and change as they strive to work together on a variety of levels.
  • Rapidly get to know their teammates better through cooperation towards a common goal, accelerating relationship development.
  • Experience a great deal of fun and laughter as the non-threatening nature of the activities allows them to excel with enthusiasm and potentially a fail with grace.