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Emergency Search & Rescue

A Delta E.S.A.R. is truly a unique and exciting team challenge. Your team takes on the role of the only search and rescue group available for complex rescue scenario involving a number of victims in a variety of predicaments. The group must come together and organize themselves to conduct searches, treat victims and evacuate the victims to a safe location. All the resources needed for such a task are provided to the group including medical supplies, communication equipment and DSG Rescue Specialist who guide the team through a series of technical 'high angle' extrications of the victims. High energy!


Teams Will:

  • Organize into a series of task teams including search teams, treatment teams, extrication teams and of course command teams.
  • Face the challenge of planning and coordinating the actions of all teams using modern communication technology.
  • Experience the thrill of working as part of a professional rescue team using actual rescue techniques and equipment and serving Delta's 'Professional Victims'.
  • Discover volumes about teamwork, communication, leadership and personal/team challenge as they work together to successfully and safely bring home all the victims.