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Human Trivial Pursuit

A new twist on an old favourite! Take a common game of pursuit, make all the questions relevant to your organization and the people in it, make the game board really big, make the team members into game pieces and you have a Human Trivial Pursuit. Delta will work closely with you to design the questions for this exciting game and your teams will have a wonderful time as they don the colorful costumes, roll the giant dice and work together to answer the sometimes complicated and sometimes hilarious questions in this game!


Teams Will:

  • Play the game as part of small teams, each one being represented by a team member who is the playing game piece.
  • Be challenged to have knowledge and any number of issues, answer and information about your organization and their part in it.
  • Engage in 'Constructive Competition' with other teams who are on the same quest for the truth that they are.
  • Experience a great deal of fun and humour as they get to know each other, the organization and themselves better.