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Rafting & Rescue Challenge

Several teams will use the available resources to design and construct a fleet of 'Rescue Rafts'. Before time is up, all the teams must work together in navigating their craft out into the water to rescue the stranded passengers of a '3-hour tour gone wrong'. This one may require a change of clothes at the end of the day for some, but no one will leave without a smile and a renewed respect for their teammates!


Teams Will:

'Purchase' the materials they need to design and build a seaworthy vessel capable of carrying half their team across the water.

Construct their craft and test it withing the same timeline as all other teams building rafts.

Cooperate between all raft teams to plan a rescue and retrieval of a series of floating items (victims) and return them safely to shore in a specific sequence.

Build their craft independently, but will quickly discover the need to communicate and cooperate with other teams once the rescue operation begins.

The goal is to stay dry while accomplishing the rescue, but the only thing guaranteed is FUN!