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Stranded In The Wilderness

This dynamic activity can be delivered to groups of 15 or 50. As part of a 'living scenario' the group plays the role of being stranded in the wilderness with limited resources, darkness falling fast and hungry wild animals looming on the horizon.

Using only the resources they have at hand and within a limited time period, the group must quickly come together and complete a series of building tasks to reconstruct the emergency radio; construct emergency shelter; build a barricade to fend off the wild animals and rescue the only available food supplies before darkness sets in!


Teams Will:

Work as several smaller teams to complete the complex survival tasks within the time allotted.

Face amazing communication and teamwork challenges as they attempt to get everyone working on the same page.

Apply a variety of leadership and communication styles in working with other team members restricted by a variety of disadvantages.

Come together in the end as a single, powerful team who pulled together and overcame their obstacles to success for the benefit of everyone.